Investigating The Unexplained Since 1999... 

Welcome to the official OPA homepage. Our goal was simple... We wanted to create a user friendly simple to navigate site with easy pages displaying our content. Here we share our collected archive of evidence, many of our visited locations and their history as well as paranormal claims, and shared experiences from various locations and investigations. You won't find any special effects or scary music here to keep a level of respect for those of you seeking for help and to keep a neat clean page for everyone to navigate and surf around. We hope you enjoy your visit here and find our site helpful and find some useful information from you time here and feel free to share your stories and experiences with us!

There's also our Ghost Tips 101 section full of info on how to save yourself a lot of money by building things yourself. Be sure to sign our Guestbook! Enjoy your visit...


- Ohio Paranormal Research Team 

About Us

We are The Ohio Paranormal Association based in southeastern Ohio. We are a group of experienced paranormal researchers who dedicate every free moment to helping those in need of our services and to researching further into the field of paranormal investigation. We offer our services to any and all who are in need of help in regards to the strange happenings going on at their home, business, or property. Our services are always completely free of charge, and we will protect your privacy at all times during and after our contact. We use scientific equipment in attempt to collect evidence of the paranormal and also to help us try and debunk claims as they may have a logical explanation for happening. OPA has always worked off a level of respect rather than searching out to become the next big news scoop. We focus all of our attention on our clients and locations to ensure we can assist them in the most professional manner.  

History of Ohio Paranormal Association

OPA was founded in the summer of 1999 after a few of us encountered some things we just could not explain. We began spending every free moment researching the field of paranormal investigation. As we gained experience, OPA took on bigger cases and began offering our services to those having troubles in their private homes. Our first official site was launched on August 20th 2005 around the group's 6th year anniversary. We have conducted investigations in many different residential and commercial locations throughout the years all around the state of Ohio and surrounding areas and continue our mission to help those in need of help and in search of possible explanations to what may be happening in their homes and businesses. We are a registered non-profit organization founded specifically for researching the paranormal from a scientific point of view. All of us have had previous experiences and understand that it can be a scary event for some. What keeps us interested is helping those to better cope with their situations and understand better what is going on. 2013 marks our 14 year anniversary as an organization with it's original three founding members and marks the launch of our online radio show OPA Para-Talk. We continue to have great chemistry and work with ourselves and other teams to do our part in searching for answers to many of this field's theories...

We support para-unity in our own unique way. We offer any info we can and tech-tips to help other investigators out. We believe that this field will keep getting better with everyone sharing info, tech tips, and tutorials to other teams and working together to attempt to find answers to many questions that remain unanswered. We will never sell copies of our videos for profit, as our video tutorials are our way of giving back to the people of the paranormal community to help save money on expensive equipment and creative ideas. There are a lot of ways to investigate the paranormal, and we don't think there is a wrong way to do this as this field is a study of preference rather than tutorial and we feel it should be approached respectfully in each person's own unique way.